Hi, I'm Amy.

Amy Buller shapes brands through craft & visual communication, creating brand recognition & building audience loyalty.

With deep-seated inspiration drawn from the natural world, Amy's focus lies in work that makes a meaningful social and environmental impact. Amy embodies a unique blend of visionary thinking and practicality, renowned for her ability to cultivate high-performing creative teams characterized by strong morale and seamless cross-functional collaboration.

Amy's journey into brand leadership was preceded by a rich and diverse career in brand development, encompassing experiences in creative agencies, in-house teams, and her very own studio. She has left her creative mark across the tech and outdoor industries, contributing to notable projects such as Joby's monumental listing on the NYSE, the successful launch of Amazon's GiiVEN line, Samsung's pioneering UX research targeted at Millennials, MiiR's global marketing campaigns, SwimOutlet's athlete partnerships, and the distinct visual identity of Santa Cruz, California's vibrant downtown district.

Beyond the realm of design, Amy finds solace and exhilaration in various outdoor pursuits. Whether she's exploring a rugged trail alongside her faithful golden retriever or catching waves on her surfboard, her connection with nature runs deep. She's also a regular at the local climbing gym, where she shares memorable moments with friends. Amy's competitive background in distance running and swimming has instilled in her a valuable sense of discipline and an unquenchable thirst for pursuing audacious goals – qualities that have seamlessly translated into her successful career beyond the realm of sports. Amy Buller is more than just a designer; she's a brand visionary, a nature enthusiast, and a relentless pursuer of excellence in all her endeavors.

See Amy's resume here.