Role:  Lead designer
Team: Design by Cosmic
Responsibilities: Visual Identity, Information Architecture, Digital Experience

Greenpower wordmark


80M lbs of CO2 reduced annually

Problem Statement
According to the International Energy Agency, global energy-related CO2 emissions for 2019 were approximately 33 gigatonnes (Gt). We needed to make people aware of their carbon footprint, find ways to reduce their impact, and join a local cause.

People who care about humanities impact on the environment


Greenpower website homepage


We needed to understand how people learn about causes. We identified established and unexpected groups that were ready to move forward and take concrete steps toward local, community controlled green energy systems. Many organizations not typically associated with environmental stewardship became invaluable allies if they were moved by a higher calling to protect our home.


Greenpower faith community participation

The search tool quickly because our primary focus. We knew we needed to create a scalable digital experience that could grow with the movement and onboard new campaigns. We landed on a robust search tool for visitors to enter their zip code since Greenpower runs multiple overlapping campaigns.


Greenpower zip code search tool

After dialing in the zip code search tool, our next priority was to position Greenpower as a movement in addition to being an organization. We focused on creating an information hub to serve as an educational resource. With regularly updated content, the platform has become a news source for thoughtful articles on the renewable energy movement.


Greenpower information hub

As we iterated on the visual identity, to ensure that people didn’t confuse Greenpower with an energy company, we focused on environmental imagery that conveys the power of nature.


Greenpower crest & icon

Key Takeaways

  • People engage more readily with existing groups & communities
  • A higher calling, often spiritual, was a common denominator in those who took action
  • Searching by zip code was the most effective way to find and get involved with a local campaign


  • Onboarded 19 participating communities
  • Formation of Monterey Bay Community Power
  • Annual reduction of 80M lbs of C02

Greenpower interior campaign pages

Next Steps

I would explore what people do after signing up, how actively they track their campaign, and focus on how to get them more involved.

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